Upon Acceptance

Upon Official Acceptance into the Program

The Graduate Administrator will begin to contact the laboratories that you have expressed interest in working with and will build a rotation schedule for your first semester. 

The MatCH program will assign your rotations based as much as possible on your stated preferences, but choices may be constrained by the availability of space within the faculty member’s laboratories. You will be informed of your rotation assignments prior to the beginning of your first semester.

Students and supervisors will not make any final decisions about laboratory choices until the mandatory rotation period is completed.

New students are encouraged to seek the advice of veteran students in choosing their rotations. The Graduate Administrator, Graduate Coordinators, and indeed anyone in the associated Departments are available to counsel students on any matters concerning rotation selection.

Failure to Find a Permanent Lab

If a student is unable to find a permanent thesis supervisor after four rotations, he/she may be required to withdraw from the program. Admission to our program does not guarantee that a student will be accepted into a laboratory for his/her thesis work. However, it is extremely rare for an accepted student to fail to find a suitable laboratory to join.

International/Visa Student Rotations

Although international (“visa”) students are required to find a supervisor prior to admission, this arrangement is not final. Visa students are required to do the same number of rotations as non-visa students, and they are free to join a laboratory other than that of their sponsor. In sponsoring visa students, however, faculty members make a commitment to accept those students into their laboratories if the student wishes to join after completing the mandatory rotations. Once a permanent laboratory is chosen, the procedures for visa students are identical to those for non-visa students.