Program Structure

Year 1:


Semester 1: You will take common introductory coursework, combined with rotations in three different laboratories (four weeks in length) so you can find the lab and project best suited to your interests.

You will also take the PAED 600 Critical Discussions of Biomedical and Clinical Research course if you joined the program in September

You will have the opportunity to shadow clinicians to obtain first hand exposure to the potential outcome of medical research.

Semester 2:

Choose a mentor.

If you became a MatCH student in January, you will take the PAED 600 course in your second semester (in September)

Once you are matched with a mentor you join the corresponding graduate program of the host department. 

Year 2:

You will follow the requirement of the Department graduate program you join.

MSc programs are expected to take two to three years and PhD programs four to five years.