Current Students

During your time with MatCH, you must complete the PAED 600 course. If you are a September applicant, you will complete this course in your first semester. If you are a January applicant, you will complete the course in the following Fall semester, as this course is not available during the Winter semester. 

PAED 600 Critical Discussions of Biomedical and Clinical Research

This course is designed for students in the Department of Pediatrics graduate program. It will follow a “discovery learning” format to critically evaluate scientific literature in a round table discussion. Articles (about 12) will be selected by the course co-ordinators and each article discussed over two 1 hour and 40 minute sessions/week. All students will be encouraged to offer constructive criticisms that will foster learning about principles of biomedical and clinical research as presented in the health sciences literature related to Paediatrics. Discussions will focus on (but will not be limited to) methodology and methods, scientific rigor, statistical inference, and accurate evaluation of conclusions based on data presented. Topics will be selected from clinical and basic science literature.

Course Objectives: Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:           

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of general research concepts related to biomedical and clinical research including research designs, ethics, sampling, methods and measurement issues, and bias. 
  1. Apply research knowledge to the critical appraisal of selected biomedical and clinical studies, including (but not limited to): (i) cell based discovery science, (ii) animal models, (ii) technology based methodologies, (iii) translational medicine, (iv) studies of treatment efficacy/effectiveness, (v) studies of causation/harm, (vi) studies using qualitative methods, and (vii) systematic reviews and/or overviews of reviews. 
  1. Discuss the process of research including how to develop a focused research question; how to plan a research study in their field of interest; and assess whether research studies are methodologically strong and results are robust.

There will be a mandatory (not for credit) seminar course that will bring together students and faculty from across the MatCH Program to present research in progress talks to provide a cross-disciplinary view of the program.  Outside speakers will also be invited to participate in the seminar series. 

Two seminars per month in each of the associated departments are mandatory for students within MatCH program to attend the seminar course throughout their tenure.  There will be an attendance sheet at each, so please be sure to sign in when attending.  

The following are the locations and dates to each department:


Please look out for emails from the MatCH Administrator regarding Pediatric's Connecting Through Research lunch and learn sessions. Dates and topics will also be available on the WCHRI website

Medical Genetics:

Details for the Medical Genetics Seminar Series can be found by following the below links to the Medical Genetics website and calendar.

Med Gen Calendar

Obstetrics & Gynecology

There are Grand Rounds and Perinatal Rounds which occur weekly. The MatCH administrator will email you with additional details as she receives them so that you are aware of date, location and topic. 

Course Load

Each student should be registered in Thesis 909 for Fall.  Should you be taking a course, you maybe be registered in Thesis 906.


MatCH students are encouraged to apply for scholarships. This provides valuable additions to both your C.V. and in the progression of your graduate program. If you do receive an award, you can expect that your supervisor and Department's contribution will be reduced by the amount of the award. Please notify the MatCH administrator as soon as possible after receiving notification of receipt of awards/funding to ensure changes to your pay are made in a timely manner to avoid overpayments

There are internal Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry scholarships with deadlines in September 26 (Recruitment), October 3 (75th Anniversary) and October 10 (Medical Sciences Graduate Program). There is also a 2 year Graduate Studentship offered through the Women and Children's Health Research Institute (deadline in March). It is understood that you do not have a current home lab and as such would write a project in conjunction with the researcher you are currently rotating with. Please see the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry website on resources for graduate students under the Research Heading for more information on the application deadlines and processes. 

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